3/8" x 6.3" Shrink Fit Extension Tool Holder

SKU 202-6515

3/8" x 6.3" Shrink Fit Extension Tool Holder

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SKU 202-6515
Toolholder Category Shrink Fit Holder
shank size 3/4
Bore Diameter 3/8
TIR (inch) 0.0001
Nose Diameter 0.551
overall length 6.3
Shrink Fit Holder Bore Depth 1.26
Coolant Thru yes
  • I1: 1.65"
  • T: M8x1.25P
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Product Spotlight

  • Extend the reach of your existing tool holder such as ER collet chucks, end mill holders, hydraulic chucks, or shrink fit tool holders
  • Offering better rigidity, cutting tool life, and tool clearance especially on long reach cutting or drilling application
  • Shrink fit holder with thermal contraction capability applies 360º uniform pressure onto the cutting tool shank along the entire length of bore.
  • Shrink fit holder with superior gripping power virtually becomes an integral cutting tool, eliminating runout error, tool deflection, vibration and slippage

  • Made from ISO-40CrMoV5 (USA-H13 Tool Steel), holder is double tempered for optimal tool life
  • Runout within 3 Microns (0.0001") T.I.R.

  • Coolant through capability by removing the internal set screw