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Mfg SKU #202-7272
Collet CategorySK Collets
collet seriesSK16
collet size1/2
collet size range.4803-.5000
TIR (inch)0.0002



  • tegara ER SK ADS collet chuck tool holder

    SUJ2 alloy steel from Japan

    Made from SUJ2 alloy steel from Japan which is equivalent to AISI 52100 and hardened to HRC 46-48

  • tegara ER SK ADS collet chuck tool holder

    Mirror Finished

    The 2 taper surfaces are precision ground in a CNC grinder Shigiya from Japan to roughness tolerance of Ra 0.4

  • tegara ER SK ADS collet chuck tool holder

    Taper Accuracy

    A SK collet is selected during the CNC grinding process to check the taper contact surface's accuracy


  • Robotic Automation in Manufacturing

    We optimize our manufacturing workflow for both efficiency and accuracy by utilizing robotic arms to load and unload ER collet stock into the Shigiya CNC grinders which are made in Japan. Combining the robotic arms with a reliable CNC grinder is our formular to control tight tolerance in a mass production environment.

  • 5 Micron Runout

    Each collet is inspected 3 times at 0, 120, and 240 degree at 4 times diameter to guarantee the 5 micron (0.000197") runout tolerance.  This inspection process is also repeated 3 times with fully disassemble collet from the collet nut and the tool holder to guarantee consistent runout tolerance

  • Made in TAIWAN