1" Shock Proof Dial Indicator 0.0001"

SKU 303-3117

1" Shock Proof Dial Indicator 0.0001"

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SKU 303-3117
Mfg SKU # 303-3117
Dial Indicator Category Drop Dial
Brand Shars Tool
Measuring Range Dial Indicator 1"
graduation 0.0001
Face Color White
Dial Reading 0-10
AGD group 2
Face Diameter 2-3/8"
Stem Diameter 3/8
Back Type lug
Accuracy(1st 2.5 rev) ±0.0001"
Accuracy(Overall) ±0.0004"
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Product Spotlight

  • AGD2 standards
  • Main movement gears are made from high quality brass with resistance to wear and rust
  • Jewel bearing's advantages include high accuracy, very small size and weight, low and predictable friction

  • Rotating Bezel with clamp
  • Easy to read aluminum dial face with anti-glare finish

  • Interchangeable point
  • Reverse Counter