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More Information
BrandShars Tool
compatible chuck diameter6
dividing head stylesemi-univeral
lathe swing9
product height5
head stock taperMorse Taper 3
center height5.039
spindle nose thread size1-1/2 - 8
Spindle Nose Thru Hole (inch)0.787
model numberBS1


  • Spindles with tapered roller bearings are on integral part of all diving heads
  • Direct mounted index plate has 24 divisions
  • Hardened and ground worm gear has a 40:1 ratio
  • Head stock swivels to all angles
  • Applications: A: 15-16-17-18-19-20, B: 21-2327-29-31-33, C: 37-39-41-43-47-49
  • All number from 1-50
  • All even numbers from 50-100
  • Many others from 50-400
  • Can be easily Adjusted to any angle between +10 to 90 degrees from a horizontal position
  • Concentricity: .0006" center; .0004" inside taper at spindle nose; .0012" at arbor (8")

What’s Included

  • Threading back plate for mounting chuck (back plate is plane back and it requires drilling & tapping 3 or 4 mounting holes depending on the lathe chuck and turning a shoulder for the recess of the lathe chuck)
  • Center and driving dog
  • 3 Dividing Plates
  • Head Stock
  • Tail Stock