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Mfg SKU #202-7331
Collet CategoryADS06 Collets
collet seriesADS06
collet size15/64
collet size rangeFixed Size
TIR (inch)0.0001
drawbar thread sizeM5x0.8



  • 5 Micron 4 Degree Taper Collet

    ADS collet with 4 degree taper and longer body length than standard ER collet has more contact surface with the cutting tool shank and the bore of the tool holder. The ADS collet seats deeper and flush with the nose with no overhang generate more gripping force and greater accuracy. Without a collet nut would also prevent chip packing or stringy bird nests below the collet chuck to extend tool holder service life.

  • Runout tolerance witin 5 micron / .0002" at 4xD location
  • Each collet's accuracy is individually inspected multiple times within in a tool holder to assure the runout tolerance
  • With the clamping by drawbar mechanism it provides stronger gripping power than ER collet at extended length
  • Made from high carbon steel and heat treaded for longer tool life
  • All ADS collet undergo a sub-zero cryogenic treatment (-90 Celcius) after heat treatment to remove residual austenite. This process creates an uniform martensite state and eliminate distortion, preventing deformation during the life cycle of the collet
  • Precision ground finished on internal bore, external surface and end surface