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2" Micrometer Setting Standard

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Mfg SKU #303-2105S
Micrometer CategoryInside micrometer
BrandShars Tool
Micrometer TypeMechanical


This micrometer is manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified facility filled with modern machines such as Haas CNC milling centers, Brother CNC milling centers, Haas CNC turning centers just a few examples on the 50,000 sq. ft. CNC shop floors.  Each micrometer is checked at 10 data points for maximum error tolerance with high precision gage blocks and also conducted inspection on parallelism and flatness by optical flat in a strict temperature controlled environment.  The critical benchmark inspection media such as gage block are inspected periodically on world-known Swiss made calibration machines such as Switzerland’s Trimos’s Universal Gage Calibration System model Labortory500 and Germany’s Carl Zeiss Jena model 0-3000 mm calibration system for oversized length calibration.  

Trimos’s Universal Gage Calibration System model Labortory500

  • accuracy of <0.3µm +(L(mm)/1200) µm

  • used for quick zero adjustment of inside micrometer and dial bore gage
  • precision ground finished on the contact surface

What’s Included

  • fitted case