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3" 90 degree Coolant Thru Heavy Duty Face Mill LNKT Insert

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Mfg SKU #404-7955
Indexable Milling CategorySquare Shoulder Face Mill
BrandShars Tool
cutting diameter3
Axial Depth of Cut ap0.591
Insert StyleLNKT
Insert Size160708
Number of Flutes6
Cutting Angle90
Coolant ThroughYes
arbor hole diameter1
Overall Height2



Alloy SteelAlloy Steel
Cast IronCast Iron
Stainless SteelStainless Steel


  • LNKT insert with 4 cutting edges suitable for milling in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other difficult machined materials
  • Vertical mounting of the insert changes the direction of cutting forces which is absorbed by the thick carbide insert body to increase tool rigidity
  • Vertical mounting design combined with thick carbide insert increases the potential feed rate by 30% in roughing compared to horizontal mounted insert such as APKT

  • Low runout of the square shoulder leaves good surface quality in workpiece and no obvious tool marks in the contours
  • Double positive rake angle design reduces cutting forces

  • High strength tool body material with coolant thru port on each flute

  • Easy reference guide for insert number, screw, and other accessories is printed on the tool shank



  • LNKT double side insert with 4 cutting edges to maximize cost effectiveness
  • 0.315" Maximum depth of cut 
  • 0.175" Extra thick insert body to withstand high impact cutting environment
  • High strength positive cutting edge angle for increased wear resistance and reduced cutting pressures
  • Helical cutting edge is designed to achieve smoother cutting
  • Highly versatile and ultra smooth coating technology prevents chip welding for longer tool life
  • YB9320 grade combines substrate with good toughness and strength and TiAlN nano PVD coating process to yield high strength and toughness
  • Widely applicable for semi-finish milling of P type (P10-P30) and M type (M10-M30) material


Case Study


Workpiece Material:  1045
Tool: 175-190(HB)
Cutting Condition: Dry cutting
Insert Code:   LNKT120608PNR-GM(YB9320)
Cutting Speed sf/min: 850
Feed per Tooth fz in: 0.008
Depth of Cut ap in: 0.315
Working Engagement ae in: 0.079


Cutting Parameter


What’s Included

  • Insert screw, wrench
  • Insert not included