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3" Coolant Thru High Feed Indexable Face Mill for SDMT Insert

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Mfg SKU #404-2614
Indexable Milling CategoryHigh Feed Face Mill
BrandShars Tool
cutting diameter3
Axial Depth of Cut ap0.071
Insert StyleSDMT
Insert Size120412
Number of Flutes5
Coolant ThroughYes
arbor hole diameter1
Overall Height2-1/2


Alloy SteelAlloy Steel
Cast IronCast Iron
Stainless SteelStainless Steel




Each flute on this face mill cutter has a coolant path that starts from the center of the face mill body, in order to drive the coolant fluid into this coolant path, one must use a coolant-style arbor screw (not included) to connect this face mill to the coolant-thru face mill tool holder.  The coolant-style arbor screw compatible for this face mill is part # 202-6295(Sold separately).

Face Mill Center Bore with Coolant holes Arbor Screw with Coolant Slot


  • Higher feed rate than conventional 90 degree face mill
  • It pairs shallow depth of cut with high feed per tooth which gives higher metal removal rates, resulting in more parts being machined


  • The cutting forces are directed at the machine spindle in the axial direction which means greater stability and reduced vibrations, extending insert life and reduce spindle wear
  • SDMT insert used on this cutter can be indexed 4 times, as oppose to APKT insert which can only be used on 2 sides, giving you twice the value per insert
  • Coolant port on each flute to drive away cutting chip to extend insert tool life and cutting performance

  • Insert pockets are precisely machined to provide a tight fit with the insert and also maintain a close tolerance



Cutting Parameter



What’s Included

  • Insert not included