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3" Indexable Coolant Thru 45 degree Face Mill SEHT Insert

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Mfg SKU #404-2485W
Indexable Milling CategoryChamfer & Angle Face Mill
BrandShars Tool
cutting diameter3
Maximum Cutting Diameter3.650
Axial Depth of Cut ap0.236
Insert StyleSEHT, SEHW, SEKT
Insert Size1204
Number of Flutes6
Cutting Angle45
Coolant ThroughYes
arbor hole diameter1
Overall Height1.97


Alloy SteelAlloy Steel
Heat Resistant SteelHeat Resistant Steel
Non Ferrous MetalNon Ferrous Metal
Stainless SteelStainless Steel


Each flute on this face mill cutter has a coolant path that starts from the center of the face mill body, in order to drive the coolant fluid into this coolant path, one must use a coolant-style arbor screw (not included) to connect this face mill to the coolant-thru face mill tool holder.  The coolant-style arbor screw compatible for this face mill is part # 202-6295(Sold separately).


Benefit from the 45 degree lead angle allows an increase of feedrate by 50% over 90 degree face mill and also allows this face mill to used on smaller horse power mills.  It uses industry standard SEHT / SEHW / SEHX 43 (ISO 1204) insert which has a positive 20 degree clearance angle.  The insert pockets are designed to be 19 degree positive inclined to minimize vibration and each pocket has an chip escaping pathway to help preventing chip built-up on insert edge.


  • Each insert pocket is designed to reduce run-out and extent insert life.

  • Use SEKT / SEHT / SEHW 43 1204 insert (INSERT NOT INCLUDED)
  • Setting Angle: 45 degree
  • Radial rake angle: -7 degree
  • Axial rake angle: 19 degree

What’s Included

  • Insert NOT included