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More Information
drill categoryReduced Shank Drills
BrandShars Tool
Mfg SKU #404-3156
drill size31/32
decimal size0.9688
Shank Diameter1/2
Overall Length6
finish coatingblack and gold
drill gradegeneral purpose
Point Angle118
type sizeFraction
Coolant ThroughNo


  • Ideally designed  for high production machine works in low and medium carbon steel, as well as soft, non-ferrous material like aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper. M2 grade steel has a good red-hardness and retains its cutting edge sharpness longer than other general purpose high speed steel, but not as shock resistant or as flexible as other HSS grade with less tungsten. Sets furnished in metal or plastic case
  • 118° Split Point prevents walking when starting a hole and is commonly on heavy duty tools
  • Milled flute ground land with black and gold finish
  • Straight shank with 3 flats
    • Workpiece material: SAE1045.
    • Workpiece material hardness: HRC15
    • Drilling Operation: blind hole drilling
    • Drill Diameter: 15/64"
    • Cutting Parameters: Vc=62 SFPM; fr=0.0078 in/r; H=0.826in
    • Cooling System: water soluble cooling 
    • Conclusion: Shars industrial grade HSS6542 drill has performed 194 numbers of holes before showing normal wear while generic import grade HSS4241 tin coated drill from company A has performed 80 numbers of holes before showing edge chipping. Industrial grade M35 cobalt drill has performed 266 numbers of holes before showing normal wear. 
    • Grade HSS6542 and M35 drill set from Shars Tool has shown significant improvement in tool life than other generic import drills on the market. 
    • Better life improves machining efficiency.