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4" 400DS CNC Double Station Milling Machine Vise 0.0002"

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Mfg SKU #400DS
Vise CategoryMilling Machine Vises
Vise ApplicationCNC machine, manual machine
Jaw Opening3.54
Jaw Width4
Jaw Depth1.49
Overall Length15.94
Bed Height +/-0.0005"2.5
With Swivel Baseno
Jaw Plate Thread Size3/8"-16
Jaw Plate Threads Spacing (inch)2.5
Clamping Force (Lbs)4400



  • tegara 690 milling machine vise

    Micron Lapping

    A gang of vise body gone through time consuming grinding process with micron accuracy on a CNC grinder

  • tegara 690 milling machine vise

    Eye Inspection

    Each vise body will be put under the microscope to filter out unsatisfying cast iron bodies before assembling

  • tegara 690 milling machine vise

    Smooth Movement

    Semi-hardened bright finished lead screws with precision turned threads to give them a solid & smooth feel when turning the vise handle


  • Dissimilar Sized Clamping

    Unique leadscrew design provides ability to clamp either same sized parts or dissimilar sized parts, even if the difference between the two parts is as big as 3.54", while allowing 6 different jaw clamping configurations. Unique clamping force equalization mechanism allows same amount of clamping force applied evenly to different sized part when jaws starts tightening.

  • Minimum Jaw Lift

    Unlike other less expensive import vises, 400DS offers advanced improvements to prevent jaw lifting by using eccentric pin locking mechanism no matter if the vise is lay flat in normal fashion, on the side, or vertically upright in a tower vise configuration.

  • 3.54" Opening Capacity

    - Up to 6000 Lbs of clamping force
    - Clamping repeatability within +/- 0.0002"
    - Fixed Jaw perpendicular to bed within 0.0005"
    - Fixed jaw parallel to vise's keyway within +/- 0.0005"
    - Vise Jaw Plate thread and spacing is compatible with other American made vise on the market

  • Hardened Vise Bed / Jaw Plate

    - Vise body made from 80,000 PSI stress relieved ductile cast iron
    - Vise bed is hardened to 45 HRc and Jaw Plates flame hardened to 54 HRc
    - Footprint and distance from the keyway to stationary jaws meet the industry standard
    - Bed height tolerance of +/- 0.0005"
    - Vises' bed parallel to base within 0.0005"
    - Bed height matched to 3.25" +/- 0.0005" (matched bed height on pair orders)

  • Convert to a Single Vise

    By removing the middle fixed jaw, 400DS can be converted into a 9.25" capacity single station vise with the included conversion hardware kits. In this single station configuration, unlike other competitor's vise, 400DS's rear jaw close in towards the operator and able to close completely. Another hidden advantage with front jaw being fixed is that it allows CNC machine operator to program in Y axis positive direction.

  • Mount on the Side

    Precision ground flat sides allow the vise to be mounted on each side or in high density mounting system

  • Chip Guard

    Chip guard pre-installed on each vise and we stock replacement chip guard

  • Warranty

    Tegara vise comes with 10 year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product or part. (The life of the product or part is defined as that point in time when such item no longer functions due to normal wear and tear). Failure to properly maintain and/or properly operate the product or part under normal conditions will void this warranty. This warranty does not cover any product or part that has been worn out, abused, heated, ground or otherwise modified, used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with any instructions regarding its use.

Parts List

400DS-4 400DS-22-23-24-25 400DS-28
Main Lead Screw Chip Cover, 4pcs Lock Nut
440DS-33 400DS-sj4
4 pc Jaw Set 4" Aluminum Movable Jaw (2) + Fixed Jaw

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