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4" 440V CNC Milling Machine Vise 0.0004"

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Mfg SKU #440V
Vise CategoryMilling Machine Vises
Vise ApplicationCNC machine, manual machine
Jaw Opening6
Jaw Width4
Jaw Depth1.375
Overall Length12.5
Bed Height +/-0.0005"2.25
With Swivel Baseno
Jaw Plate Thread Size3/8"-16
Jaw Plate Threads Spacing (inch)2.5
Clamping Force (Lbs)6500



  • tegara 690 milling machine vise

    Micron Lapping

    A gang of vise body gone through time consuming grinding process with micron accuracy on a CNC grinder

  • tegara 690 milling machine vise

    Eye Inspection

    Each vise body will be put under the microscope to filter out unsatisfying cast iron bodies before assembling

  • tegara 690 milling machine vise

    Smooth Movement

    Semi-hardened bright finished lead screws with precision turned threads to give them a solid & smooth feel when turning the vise handle


  • Minimum Jaw Lift

    Every machinist is afraid of the term "jaw lift" when associated with a vise. The 440V offers key improvements to prevent jaw lifting by using a 45 degree wedge and a pivoting ground finished steel hemisphere in a milled pocket to hold down the movable jaw. This results a minimal amount of jaw lift applying under pressure when comparing to other highly regarded go-to branded vises.

  • 6.00" Opening Capacity

    6.00" Opening capacity allows more clamping in a small footprint.

  • Hardened Vise Bed / Jaw Plate

    -Vise jaw plate threads and spacing meets the industry standards
    - Bedways are flame hardened to 45 HRc and jaw plate hardened to 54 HRc
    - Bed height and the distance between keyway and stationary jaw remains the same and meets the industry standards
    - Bed height matched to 2.875" +/- 0.0005"
    - Vises' bed parallel to base within 0.0005"
    - Fixed Jaw perpendicular to bed within 0.0005"
    - Fixed jaw parallel to vise's keyway within +/- 0.0005"

  • Brush Seal

    Continuing from the design feature in 690V vises, a brush on both end of spindle nut to wipe off chips to improve & extend the lead screw life.

  • Large Chip Evacuation

    2 large chip evacuation slots are strategically located on each side of the vise to allow a good flow of chips while at the same time not diminishing the vise’s body strength. The vise body is also reinforced with a thicker rib to support the pulling mechanism when clamping

  • Matching Bed Heights

    When ordering multiple vises, the bed heights will be matched within .0001" at no additional cost (subject to inventory stock availability)

  • Warranty

    Tegara vise comes with 10 year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product or part. (The life of the product or part is defined as that point in time when such item no longer functions due to normal wear and tear). Failure to properly maintain and/or properly operate the product or part under normal conditions will void this warranty. This warranty does not cover any product or part that has been worn out, abused, heated, ground or otherwise modified, used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with any instructions regarding its use.

Parts List

440V-19 440V-6-7 440V-14
O Ring Vise Nut and Brush Pair Jaw Plate - One Pair
440V-2-3-5 440V-Key1 440V-4
Main Screw+Collar+Collar Set Screw Vise Key 1/2" Vise Bearing Thrust Collar
440V-8 440V-11 440V-12
Movable Jaw Semi-Sphere Segment Fixed Jaw
440V-16-17-18 440V-A01
Vise Handle Vise Chip Guard

What’s Included