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Mfg SKU #404-1897
Indexable Milling CategoryFace & Shoulder Mill
BrandShars Tool
cutting diameter4
Axial Depth of Cut ap0.234
Insert StyleSEAN, SEKN, SEKR
Insert Size1203
Number of Flutes5
Cutting Angle45
Coolant ThroughNo
arbor hole diameter1-1/4
Overall Height1.97


Alloy SteelAlloy Steel
Stainless SteelStainless Steel


  • Suitable for most face milling applications
  • Reduces vibration on long overhang applications
  • Chip thinning effect allows for increased table feeds
  • High Positive cutting geometry

  • Photo is only showing an example of face mill/end mill from this series


  • Benefit from the 45 degree lead angle allows an increase of feedrate by 50% over 90 degree face mill and also allows this face mill to used on smaller horse power mills.  It uses industry standard SEAN / SEKN / SEKR 42 (ISO 1203) insert which has a positive 20 degree clearance angle.  The insert pockets are designed to be 19 degree positive inclined to minimize vibration and allowing fast cutting and lowering cutting noise.


  • Included shim extends the tool life of cutter body from the heat generated from insert while cutting
  • Clamping system makes quick and easy insert exchange to increase productivity
  • Great surface finish around the cutter body and especially on each flute to prevent chip from sticking


  • Use SEAN 42 and SEKN 42 insert (Insert Sold Separately)
  • 45 Degree Setting Angle, shim support 1/2" IC Square insert account for this cutter's stability and free cutting.
  • Clamping system makes quick and easy insert exchange


Cutting Parameter


What’s Included

  • Inserts Sold Separately