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6x8" Strong Magnetic Pull Fine Pole Permanent Magnetic Chuck

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BrandShars Tool
Magnetic Chuck CategoryPermanent Magnetic Chuck
Overall Length8
table height1.88
product width6
Magnetic Pole Stylefine pole
steel pole spacing1/16
pole depth0.78
Magnetic Pull (lbs)174



  • Strong magnetic pull: max 174 Lbs/square inches
  • Pole micro pitch: 2.0 (0.5+1.5): 0.5 mm copper width + 1.5mm steel width
  • Brass pole spacing: 1/32"
  • Steel pole spacing: 1/16" 
  • Suitable to hold small and thin workpiece in surface grinders, light milling, and EDM machines
  • Alnico magnets are ideal for corrosive and can withstand high heat applications while leaving minimal residual magnetic pull
  • The flatness accuracy on the top surface would not be affected by switching between on and off
  • Working surface is paralleled with the bottom surface within 0.02mm/100mm

  • It would require a light grind on the top surface on first use
  • Seal against dirt and liquid 
  • Includes toe clamps and adjustable side rail