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7" L Dial Test Indicator Holder Arm with Speed Set Fine Adjustment

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Mfg SKU #202-7963
Dial Test Indicator CategoryAttachments
BrandShars Tool
Fine Adjustmentspeed-set
Stem Diameter8mm
Maximum Reach7
Clamping Diameter1/4" Dovetail, 3/8, 6mm, 8mm




    Newly Improved


    In the evolution of magnetic bases, it is not everyday a new idea is born. Whether its straight arm or articulated, speed set won’t let you down, or let your indicator down. It will hold steady until your ready to move to the next measurement. A newly improved fine adjustment device is adapted to Aventor brand of magnetic base to make the setup much more efficient and accurate.

Other Imports   Aventor
Other imports use a coil spring for tension. The coil spring arcs under oad binding on the fixture hole. As the coil loads and unloads it causes the movement to feel gritty due to coil bind and makes setting the indicator difficult and unpredictable.   New re-positioned spring stays linear throughout the travel eliminating spring bind. Adjustment screw uses a finer thread and ball shape at the end of the threads that sits in a pocket eliminating the screw from walking. This design gives the fine adjustment screw a positive footing, a more predictable adjustment and a silky smooth feel. The improvements minimize erratic dial hand movements and makes dialing in effortless, saving precious setup time.
  • Speed-set fine adjustment can be replaced by threading onto the arm with M6 thread size
  • Stem Diameter: 8mm
  • Arm Length: 40mm
  • Most useful for centering holes on milling machines