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Aventor 0.5" DPS Electronic Indicator

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Mfg SKU #303-3564
Dial Indicator CategoryElectronic
Measuring Range Dial Indicator0.5", 12.7mm
AGD group2
Face Diameter2-3/8"
Stem Diameter3/8
Back Typelug
Contact Point Thread Size4-48



  • aventor digital indicator

    330 Degree Rotation

    Digital Face can be rotated 330 degree to assist in easy reading position

  • aventor digital indicator

    Stem Bushing

    Brass bushing within the stem to assist in free spindle movement

  • aventor digital indicator

    Ceramic Ball Tip

    Measuring contact ball tip are made of ceramic ball for durability and non-marring

Tech Specification

  • Range

    0-0.5" / 0-12.7mm

  • Resolution

    0.00005" / 0.001mm

  • Accuracy (Tolerance Range)

    0.00016" / 0.004mm

  • Dust/Water Protection Level


  • Max. Response Speed


  • Battery

    3V CR2032 Lithium battery

  • LCD Display Size

    40.4mm x 17.4mm (10.2mm Digit Height)

  • Measuring Force


  • Warranty

    1 year limited


  • Origin point can be set and retained to display the spindle's absolute true coordinate from the origin point for the entire battery life cycle.  Once the the origin point is set, there are no needs to repeatedly perform a zero setting operation at power-on which allows quick and easy ready-to-use operation when taking multiple point measurement.

  • Advanced encoder design eliminates overspeed travel errors 
  • Go/No-Go tolerance check can be performed by setting the upper and lower limit.  The measurement taken will accompany with "<", "o", or ">" arrow to indicate if it's within the tolerance
Setting upper limit to be 0.30000"

Setting lower limit to be 0.20000"

Display "<" arrow to indicate the current measurement is below the tolerance range Display "O" arrow to indicate the current measurement is within the tolerance range
Display ">" arrow to indicate the current measurement is above the tolerance range  
  • Spindle's up/down movement can be easily toggled by setting the positive/negative count (+/-) key
  • Preset function key allows indicator to preset to any choosen coordinates


  • 1 SPC output port to allow data to transfer to desktop in excel or other text file format (USB cable sold separately)

  • Each indicator is labeled with technical specification and serial # and battery specification

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