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BT30 16mm Modular 90 degree Indexable End Mill APKT Insert

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Mfg SKU #404-6800-202-6926
Indexable Milling CategoryModular Milling Head
BrandShars Tool
cutting diameter16.00mm
Axial Depth of Cut ap0.433
shank sizeBT30
Cutting Head Connection Thread Pitch MM8 x 1.25
Internal Thread Depth20mm
Pilot Diameter8.5mm
Pilot Depth7mm
projection length1.984
cutting directionRight Hand
Insert StyleAPET, APKT, APMT
Insert Size11T308
Number of Flutes2
max rpm balanced toG2.5 20000
TIR (inch)0.0001
drawbar thread sizeM12x1.75
Nose Diameter0.605
Cutting Angle90
Coolant ThroughYes
Dual Contact Tool HolderNo



  • shars cat40 ER tool holder

    Mirror Finished

    Taper ground to AT3 or better specification ensures 80% or more contact with spindle to reduce harmonics and improve runout tolerance

  • shars cat40 tool holder

    Pilot Contact

    Inside bore are precision ground to engage a better contact with indexable cutter's pilot to increase rigidity

  • shars cat40 tool holder

    Taper End Face

    Precision turning surface finish provide perpendicular contact with the flange of retention knob to increase rigidity


Alloy SteelAlloy Steel
Non Ferrous MetalNon Ferrous Metal
Stainless SteelStainless Steel

Tech Specification

  • Taper Size


  • Internal Thread Pitch

    M8 x 1.25

  • Internal Thread Depth


  • Pilot Diameter


  • Pilot Depth


  • Nose Diameter


  • Coolant Type

    Thru Spindle

  • Runout

    .0001" from taper to pilot bore

  • Max Balanced To

    G2.5 20,000 RPM


  • This tool holder accepts all threaded screw-in indexable mililng cutter which are often called modular indexable tooling, screw in or threaded shank cutter
  • Precision ground flat on the shoulder and internal pilot diameter that will self center the threaded indexable cutter
  • By accepting right-hand thread cutter into the tool holder, apply cutting force onto the cutter would increase the bond between the cutter and the tool holder
  • Runout is less than .0001" from taper to pilot bore
  • Made from alloy steel hardened to 54-60 HRc

  • Modular milling cutter head is able to cover variety of milling operation in die and mold manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, energy and wind power, and aerospace industry
  • Reduce inventory by only replacing cutter heads and not shank, other style of cutter body with different insert is also available
  • Feature precision ground surface on the locating shoulder and pilot outside diameter to ensure rigid contact with the threaded tool holder

  • Indexable cutter head threads into the tool holder by means of a right hand thread, any cutting force would only increase the bond between tool holder and cutter head
  • Reduces vibration on long overhang applications
  • Chip thinning effect allows for increased table feeds
  • High Positive cutting geometry 
  • Fitted with 10 degree positive rectangular inserts allow high depth of cut and feed per tooth
  • Use APKT / APHT / APET / APMT 11T308 insert (sold separately)
  • Setting Angle: 90 degree
  • Radial rake angle: -10 degree
  • Axial rake angle: 7 degree



Cutting Parameter


Square Shoulder Milling

Slot Milling



Ramp Milling, Helical Interpolation Milling

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