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More Information
Mfg SKU #202-7022
Tool Holder CategoryFloating Tap Holder
shank sizeBT30
projection length90mm
TIR (inch)0.0004
drawbar thread sizeM12x1.75
Stop Screw Thread SizeM11 x 1.0
Dual Contact Tool HolderNo
collet seriesER16
collet chuck stylestandard
collet nut diameter1.08
Collet Nut StyleHex
Maximum Torque Ft/Lb50
Coolant ThroughNo
Floating Tap Holder Compression0.019
Floating Tap Holder Extension0.019



  • shars cat40 ER tool holder

    Mirror Finished

    Taper ground to AT3 or better specification ensures 80% or more contact with spindle to reduce harmonics and improve runout tolerance

  • shars cat40 tool holder

    Pilot Contact

    Inside bore are precision turned to engage a better contact with retention knob's pilot to increase rigidity

  • shars cat40 tool holder

    Taper End Face

    Precision turning surface finish provide perpendicular contact with the flange of retention knob to increase rigidity

Tech Specification

  • Taper Size


  • Collet Series


  • Projection Length


  • Collet Size Range

    0.03125" - 0.375"

  • Recommended Tap Size

    1/8" or #6 to 1/2" Tap or M3 to M10 Tap

  • TIR (at collet face)

    < 0.0004"

  • Coolant Type


  • Max Torque

    50 ft/Lbs

  • Tension/Compression Travel




    Mirror Finish

    To achieve AT3 or better taper contact as an industry standard, our taper surface are precision ground on Shigiya CNC grinder from Japan. We are not satisfied with just meeting the industry standard, the surface roughness on the taper is maintained to mirror finish.

  • High Torque Collet Nut

    The maximum torque is laser marked on the ER collet nut face to take the guess game out of the way to ensure proper amount of force should be applied while tightening. Innovative coating process significantly increases the clamping force by 75% compared to standard ER collet nut. More gripping force provides better rigidity and reduces the possibility of losing grip on the round shank which lead to expensive damage on cutting tools and work piece material.

  • Compatible with Standard ER Collet

    Although the tool holder is compatible with standard ER collet, it's recommended to use ER Rigid Tap collet which has a square design slot in the rear end of the collet to lock in on the flat-sided shank, preventing the tap from spinning inside. On Tegara ER rigid tap collet, the bore size and square size are laser marked on the collet body for easy identifying tap size.

  • Thru Hole vs Blind Hole

    For best result it's preferably to use Synchronizer in a thru hole application more than a blind hole and follow the recommended tap size range. For tapping in a blind hole, it's recommended to leave 0.078" / 2mm depth of material at the bottom of the blind hole to accommodate the tension compression range of 0.019".