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More Information
Mfg SKU #202-7673
Tool Holder CategoryCollet Chuck
shank sizeBT30
projection length2.36
max rpm balanced toG2.5 20000
TIR (inch)0.0002
drawbar thread sizeM12x1.75
Stop Screw Thread SizeM11 x 1.0
Dual Contact Tool HolderYes
collet seriesSK10
collet nut diameter1.09



  • tegara ER SK ADS collet chuck tool holder

    SUJ2 alloy steel from Japan

    Made from SUJ2 alloy steel from Japan which is equivalent to AISI 52100 and hardened to HRC 46-48

  • shars cat40 tool holder

    Pilot Contact

    Inside bore are precision turned to engage a better contact with retention knob's pilot to increase rigidity

  • tegara ER SK ADS collet chuck tool holder

    Compatible with ER Wrench

    Slot is milled out around the SK collet nut to ensure compatibility with standard ER collet wrench

Tech Specification

  • Taper Size


  • Collet Series


  • Projection Length


  • Collet Size Range

    0.069" - 0.393"

  • TIR (at collet face)

    < 0.0002"

  • Max Balanced To

    G2.5 20,000 RPM

  • Coolant Type

    Thru Spindle

  • Max Torque

    32 ft/Lbs

  • Collet Nut Diameter



  • Dynamic Balancing

    Tool holder is balanced to G2.5 20,000 RPM on a HAIMER Tool Dynamic Balancing System from Germany.  Balanced tool holder minimizes the centrifugal forces which minimize the stress on spindle bearing, minimize vibration and maximize the cutting tool's life cycle and greatly improve surface finish. 

  • Micron Tolerance

    By utilizing the state of the art Okamoto ID CNC grinder to precision grind the internal bore, the runout tolerance is very stable in batch production. Runout is carefully inspected to ensure within 3 micron (0.0001") from taper to ER collet pocket.

  • Mirror Finish

    To achieve AT3 or better taper contact as an industry standard, our taper surface are precision ground on Shigiya CNC grinder from Japan. We are not satisfied with just meeting the industry standard, the surface roughness on the taper is maintained to mirror finish.

  • High Torque Collet Nut

    The maximum torque is laser marked on the ER collet nut face to take the guess game out of the way to ensure proper amount of force should be applied while tightening. 8 Degree SK collet seats deeper in the pocket than 16 degree taper ER collet, providing twice more clamping force and twice more accuracy during high speed machining. Collet edge seats flush with the front surface of collet nut to maintain strong rigidity.

  • 5 Micron Runout

    Each collet is inspected 3 times at 0, 120, and 240 degree at 4 times diameter to guarantee the 5 micron (0.000197") runout tolerance.  This inspection process is also repeated 3 times with fully disassemble collet from the collet nut and the tool holder to guarantee consistent runout tolerance

  • Made in TAIWAN