BT40 1x1.97" Face Shell Mill Tool Holder

SKU 202-5372M

BT40 1x1.97" Face Shell Mill Tool Holder

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SKU 202-5372M
Tool Holder Category Face Mill Holder
shank size BT40
projection length 2-1/16
TIR (inch) 0.0002
Nose Diameter 2.25
arbor diameter 1
Arbor Screw Diameter 0.75
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Product Spotlight

  • Superb surface finish all around the body


  • Made from alloy steel harden to 54-60 HRc
  • Taper ground to AT3 or better accuracy standard for maximum contact with spindle. All of SHARS CAT/BT/HSK tool holder use Stotz Air/Electronic Gaging for production and finish inspection. Stotz has been chosen by major aircraft companies as the best and most consistent gaging for tool holder shank.

  • All critical surface are precision ground
  • Runout is less than 0.0002" from taper to the contact surface between shell mill holder and face mill
  • Each holder comes with a lab certificate on its taper accuracy and runout measurement