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CAT40 5/8-11 90 Pull Stud Retention Knob For Mori Seiki

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Mfg SKU #202-5930
head diameter d10.589
head angle90
drawbar thread size5/8x11UNC
Machine Taper SizeCAT40
Machine BuilderMori Seiki
neck diameter d20.392
pilot d40.636
overall length l2.25
shoulder to head l10.988
shoulder to end l21.264
Coolant ThroughNo



  • Automation in Manufacturing

    We constantly evaluate our manufacturing process and try to optimize the cycle time, while maintaining the top notch quality of our retention knob. Automation in manufacturing process has been a game changer in our industry and we are able to make things faster and more accurate. By integrating the Marposs Unimarr measurement head into the retention knob's grinding process, we are able to monitor key dimensions on EACH retention knob, and the productivity of a CNC grinder is maximized with the robotic arm to automatically load and unload retention knob stock into the CNC grinder. We are passionately chasing speed and accuracy, and that is how we can maintain our competitive edge.

  • Concentricity

    Concentricity is inspected with a Mahr Millimess 1003 Dial Comparator which has a 1 micron (um) graduation and 0.5 micron (um) repeatability to ensure each batch production of the retention knob is true to the spindle center line.

  • Optical Measurement

    A critical dimension on every retention knob is the height of the loading contact point and the height of un-loading contact point. When these two dimensions are not within tolerance, it could lead to improper engagement with main spindle and even cause severe damage to the retention knob's rigidity. These two dimensions are inspected on an optical tool presetter that is made in Italy by a world-renowned manufacturer and measurements are monitored in micron (um).


  • Made from alloy steel 5155 with heat treat to RC 56-58
  • Each retention knob is individually magnetic particle tested to ensure free of crack
  • High quality black oxide finish to ensure long enduring tool life
  • Fully ground on all critical surface including a pilot under the flange of retention knob for full contact between tool holder's taper end and retention knob




  • Precision finished on the bottom of the flange to improve fitting with the bottom nose of the taper on the tool holder



  • This pull stud is compatible with the following:
  • J&M JM31114B
  • TJ Davies PS-532 X 90
  • Lyndex C40S-9000
  • Collis 64683






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