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About Us

The Journey

The hard work, dedication, and loyalty of our employees and customer base have been the engine that has driven our company for these last 30 years. As we have grown, we have continued to explore new avenues that make you the central concern of our business. Through consistent upgrades to technology, process, products and personnel, we at Shars continue to align your evolving needs with our company's mission to provide total solutions and a high level customer experience.

Your success is our success

Everyday you work hard in this fierce marketplace to make your product at its highest quality with a competitive price tag to match. We stand behind you in your mission by offering affordable, critical solutions to address your business needs.

Vendor Relationship

We're serious about maintaining the integrity of our products which is why we keep a strong and open dialogue with our vendors. Every photo/video and every comment we receive from our customers allows us to give our manufacturers a ground-floor view of what happens with their tooling and leads to greater improvements in quality consistently.

From our shop to your door

Life these days moves at the speed of light.We're here to help you keep up by providing you with a seamless dock to door delivery process and heavy investments in software that streamlines order fulfillment processing. Now, no matter where you are, if you order before 3pm CT, we'll be sure to get your order out to you in a blink of an eye.

Product Development

More durable. More precise. More efficient. More is what everyone wants. This is why we work diligently to bring you better products and a wider selection every year. From American-made carbide tooling to top of the line Mitutoyo measuring tools to everything in between, the products we carry are designed to help you solve your most pressing issues and help you get the job done.

Two ears. One mouth.

Just like in any relationship, we learn from actively communicating. Have a complaint? Let us know and we will move to address the problem. Looking for a solution we don't offer? Talk to our staff and we'll work on coming up with one with you. For good customer service isn't about just working FOR each other, but working SIDE BY SIDE to help each other achieve greater things.

Shars 2.0

Print. Pack. Ship. We believe that advances in technology are what make our lives easier and our businesses run more smoothly. In our huge investment into Shars.com, we provide our customers with faster order fulfillment, instant tracking emails, live inventory, and mobile friendly browsing. We've also upgraded to an online ticketing system to streamline customer support which allows our agents to engage with our customers more effectively.

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