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Dorian SDN35CXA 14-17" Lathe Swing Super Quick Change Tool Post CXA

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BrandDorian Tool
Quick Change Tool Post CategoryQuick Change Tool Posts
quick change tool post seriesCXA
lathe swing14-17
quick change tool post typewedge


Made in USAMade in USA


The Triple Action Wedge-Locking System from Dorain is a powerful combination of a downward, outward and inward force simultaneously locking the holder.

  • Multi-position locking handle adjustment
  • Anti-rotation mounting
  • Super precision tool holder locking
  • Repeatability within 0.0001"
  • Thousands of pounds of locking force with a finger tip
  • F1 Downward Force

    Rotating the locking gear moves the gib down, expanding the tool post dovetail to lock the toolholder.

    F2 Outward Force

    When the gibs make full contact with the toolholder dovetail, the double-angle helix of the locking gear forces the gib outward, neutralizing any backlash to zero.

  • F3 Inward Force

    The differential between the sliding gib angle and the quick change holder angle pulls the toolholder towards the tool post dovetail surface, creating a one-piece locking effect.

  • Tool Post Mounting

    The tool post mounting is accomplished quickly and easily with either a “T” Nut that slides over the lathe compound or a Bolt Shaft. Tightening the Flange Nut will provide a rigid and reliable mounting of the tool post. The “T” Nut is provided blank or machined according to customer specification. Using the Bolt Shaft is the common mounting method on European lathes. Dowel pins are supplied standard to increase tool post mounting rigidity, if tool post shifting is a concern under heavy or interrupted cuts.

  • Center Height Adjustment

    The Center Height Adjustment Assembly allows an easy and accurate adjustment of the cutting tool by rotating the Thumb Nut until the desired height is reached and locking the Plated Nut to preserve it. Maximum center height has been reached when the top of the holder is flush with the top of the tool post body. Minimum center height has been reached when the bottom of the holder is flush with the top of the compound.

  • Indicating Position

    The double dovetails are ground at 90° square (± .0002”). When mounting, it is necessary that Face “A” is set parallel to the lathe axis with an indicator in order for drills to work properly. The holder is slid over the tool post dovetail and locked with the handle. The surfaces in contact must be kept clean and lubricated at all times to prevent misalignment of the tool and loss of the tool post repeatability and rigidity. Also, whenever the drilling operation produces vibration, the parallelism of the tool post must be checked and kept within ± .0005”.

Part#  Lathe Swing A B C D E T-Tool Capacity Optimum C.H.* C.H. MIN. C.H. MAX.
SDN25AXA up to 12" 2.625" 2.500 4.240" .500" .880" 1/2-3/4" 1.250" .875" 1.875"
SDN30BXA 13-15 3.000 2.750 4.710 .625 1.115 5/8-1.0 1.312 1.062 1.937
SDN35CXA 14-17 3.500 3.250 5.650 .750 1.199 3/4-1.0 1.625 1.250 2.250
SDN40CA 16-20 4.000 3.750 6.335 .875 1.530 1.0-1-1/4 1.937 1.562 2.562
SDN50DA 17-32 5.000 4.625 7.435 1.000 1.900 1-1/4-1-1/2 2.562 2.000 3.575

*Optimum center height is calculated with the smaller tool System of the tool capacity. If the higher System tool is to be used, add 1/8˝ to the optimum center height.