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Edge Technology


Edge Technology Tool has some of the most unique tools for metalworking industry. They have taken tools typically used on a lathe or milling machines and totally redesigned them. Edge Technology products are designed to increase accuracy while minimizing set-up times, while maximizing production during tool offsets.

Work Stop

Designed to locate shorter parts beyond the chuck jaws to provide clearance for facing operations.

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Vise Accessories

The Pro Stop by Edge Technology is designed with the CNC machinist in mind.

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Tool Setters & Presetters

Touch Off Gage accurately determines tool length offset on CNC mills.

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Magnetic Base & Stands

The Carriage Indicator by Edge Technology is designed to monitor the travel of your lathe carriage.

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Lathe Setup Gage Levels

The Lathe Gage by Edge Technology is used to set lathe tools on the spindle axis for optimum cutting conditions.

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Dial Test Indicators

The Indicator Holder by Edge Technology is a step above the rest. The smooth consistent resistance makes this tool a pleasure to use.

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Spindle Tramming Square

The Pro Tram by Edge Technology makes the process of tramming your mill fast, easy and accurate.

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CNC Storage Systems & Fixtures

Edge Technology Organizer provides a secure place to store tooling and inspection equipment on the front of your milling machine table.

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5C Collet Stop

The Tool Post Drill Chuck is designed to decrease the time it takes to drill a hole on the lathe.

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Drill Chucks & Arbor

The Tool Post Drill Chuck is designed to decrease the time it takes to drill a hole on the lathe.

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Tap Wrenches

The Tap Handle Set by Edge Technology is designed specifically for hand tapping operations done on the milling machine.

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