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Edge Technology Pro Touch Off Gage

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Mfg SKU #04-000
Layout Setup CategoryDepth Setting Tool
BrandEdge Technology


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pro touch off gage haas cnc milling insert tooling contact face

pro touch off gage haas renishaw cnc maching parallel bars

pro touch off gage haas cnc z axis tool setter calibration

Set tools like a pro with the Pro Touch Off Gage by Edge Technology. Dramatically decrease set up time and eliminate tool path mismatch. The Pro Touch Off Gage allows you to standardize the way tool offsets are measured in your shop. Ensuring every job is setup the same way and runs without issue. To use this gage just lower the tool down onto the contact face until the indicator reads zero. At that point you can be confident that the tool tip is exactly 4 inches from the surface the Pro Touch Off Gage is sitting on. Get one today and start setting your tools like a pro!

  • Accurately establishes tool length offsets for CNC machines
  • Large 1 in diameter contact face is lightly spring loaded to protect against overrun
  • Contact face is made from hard anodized aluminum ensuring no damage will come to expensive end mills
  • Large 2.2 in easy to read indicator face
  • Easy calibration using 1-2-3 blocks
  • Body made from red anodized 6061-T6 aluminum