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Edge Technology Pro Tram System 1/2" Shank With 0.25" .0005" Indicator

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Mfg SKU #09-000
Layout Setup CategoryCenter Indicators (Co-Ax & 3D)
BrandEdge Technology
shank size1/2
Measuring Range Dial Indicator0.25"
Dial Reading0-50


The Pro Tram by Edge Technology makes the process of tramming your mill fast, easy and accurate. Tramming is the process of squaring the head of your mill to the table. Most machinists know that if your mill is not trammed properly, surface finishes will be poor and parts will not be flat or square. Most machinists also know that conventional tramming techniques can be tedious and time consuming. The Pro Tram solves these issues allowing you to tram your mill quickly and accurately. To use the Pro Tram simply lower the unit down onto the table and adjust the head until both indicators read the same number. Repeat this process for the opposite axis and you are done. The Pro Tram is also sized perfectly to fit the bed of a 6 inch vise allowing you to tram the head to the vise instead of the table. If you want to spend less time tramming your mill and more time machining parts then you need the Pro Tram by Edge Technology.



  • Square the head of a milling machine quickly and easily
  • Simply lower unit to table and adjust the head until both indicators read the same
  • Sized perfectly to fit the bed of a 6" vise allowing the head to be trammed to the vise instead of the table
  • Can be used with a sine bar or sine plate to adjust the head to precise angles
  • Calibration procedure accounts for any error introduced by worn collets
  • Guaranteed to be equal to or better than any other tramming method or spindle squaring device available
  • Large 2.2” easy to read indicator face
  • Indicator repeatability of 0.0002”
  • Width between two indicator's contact point: 5"
  • Height from contact point to the top of the shank: 5.608"
  • Body made from red anodized aluminum


What’s Included

  • pro tram gage with .25 .0005" indicator
  • padded case