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Good of the Land 2019

Justin Mairot had an idea a few years ago...
What if there was an event where everyone there would have some common ground, share ideas and experiences and generally have a great time. Be able to meet some master craftsman, top youtube creators, talented machinist, expert metal workers, pottery throwing, woodworking, bee keeping experts, participate in events, chance to win some great prizes, tour a tractor and engine museum and freely operate a 45,000 pound, 359 cubic inch monster excavator.........wait, what was that last one?

What if you received an invitation to such an event? And what if you were lucky enough to be the one to attend, would you go? Heck yeah, book my ticket to Temple Texas to the Good Of The Land Fest 2019!
Good of the Land Youtube Channel

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Bar-Z Bash 2019

This year Shars Tool was happy to be an Event Sponsor and be a part of the 2019 Bar Z Industrial summer bash. The summer bash started in 1996 as a customer appreciation day at Bar Z Industrial. The bash was opened to the YouTube community in 2015.
Bar-Z Industrial Youtube Channel
Bar-Z Bash Summer 2019

Bar-Z Bash 2019 Photo Album