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Made in USA

For over 30 years we have been committed to providing customers with the highest level of customer service and technical support, access to the finest American made and imported tooling, and fast, reliable shipping service.


Aloris Tool Technology has been the first name in Quick Change Tooling for over 60 years. As the originator and world-leading manufacturer of super precision quick change tool posts and tool holders, Aloris is constantly developing new ideas to provide manufacturers with the best tools to do the job. All Aloris Quick Change Tooling is proudly made in New Jersey, USA.

American Made Cutting Tools

We proudly stand behind the quality of our American-made solid carbide end mills, drills, taps, reamers, and countersinks and guarantee you'll find just what you need for almost any application. Our solid carbide end mills are 100% made in the USA and we are committed to use only Sandvik and Kennametal carbide blanks which by leveraging high precision Rollomatic CNC grinding machines and a state-of-the-art PLATIT coating machine give us a tremendous advantage in cutting performance and stock availability.

Blake Manufacturing

Blake Manufacturing is the original manufacturer of Co Axial Indicator Centering device with a design patented since 1957. Manufactured in California, Blake Centering Indicators are known as the premier quality brand by machinists. The CoAxial Indicator provides a simplified methode of finding the center of a workpiece or fixture on horizontal or vertical machines, and external or internal diameters.


CARVEsmart Quick Change Vise Jaw

CARVEsmart Quick Change Vise Jaw System is made in Cottage Grove, MN.  The patented CARVESMART™ Quick Change Vise Jaw System is a complete package of dovetailed jaws for production and toolroom vises that are accurately changed in seconds. Simplify set-ups, reduce downtime and improve part quality.

CGW Flap Discs

Founded in Israel in 1956, then establishing U.S. Operations in 1990 CGW is the leading manufacturer of premium abrasives. CGW flap discs are manufactured in the U.S. They are designed to last and deliver quality results for both high productivity and all purpose projects.

Dorian Tool

For over 20 years, Dorian Tool has been researching and developing highly techincal and innovative tooling. They have been committed to helping customers achieve their goals by providing advanced, innovative and quality tool made in the USA. By focusing on improving design and use of the tooling, Dorian Tool has created products that simplify machining processes, enhance manufacturing quality and increase production output.



The DYKEM® brand has stood for quality, consistency, and professionalism for almost 100 years. DYKEM® has a wide variety of products to meet almost any industrial marking need. Layout fluids and stains retain the classic DYKEM® tradition in the metalworking industry, while markers and Cross Check™ have expanded the brand into many new marking applications. DYKEM® Steel Blue® has been the industry standard since it began the layout fluid category almost 100 years ago. Our responsibility is to honor the legacy and keep producing high quality products that live up to the reputation.


Fisher Machine

John T. Fisher and his wife, Bernice, incorporated Fisher Machine in 1953. Like so many machine shops it started in the family garage, until it took over the entire house! We started in Los Angeles as an aerospace machine shop. Moved to Inglewood, Ca. and became a general machine shop and then to Hawthorne Ca. and started to specialize in machine shop tools. For the last 30 years Fisher machine has been run by Bernice Fisher and her son John F. Fisher.

Fox Valley Metrology

Since its inception in 1996, Fox Valley Metrology has grown to four locations throughout the Midwest. These locations house state-of-the-art equipment and some of the finest environmental controls in the industry.Fox Valley Metrology is a full service metrology lab that strives to ensure your equipment is given the highest level of care and precision possible. Fox Valley Metrology puts the foremost focus on the environment where the calibrations are taking place. After all, calibrations can only be as precise as the environment in which they are being evaluated.

Gorilla Mill

Gorilla Mill

Gorilla Mill is a family-owned company out of Waukesha, WI. Born in the summer of 2005, the Gorilla Mill name changed the face of High-Performance milling forever. These tools deliver eye-popping patented results that repeatedly beat out multi-billion dollar cutting tool companies. The primary responsibility of Gorilla Mill is to ensure the accuracy and consistency of products being manufactured. Every product goes through thorough inspection on an array of quality inspection equipment to ensure you receive a high quality product ready to tackle all of your cutting needs.



Since 1926, Huot stands as one of the most respected names in cutting tool storage systems. Our innovative products and thoughtful approach to service have made us a preferred partner in the industry for generations. It’s all about delivering complete satisfaction, one customer at a time. Each Huot product is designed and built to meet the most exacting standards and specifications. As producers of the smartest cutting tool storage solutions on the planet, our products are engineered to help you get the job done right, when and where you need it. With more than 90 years of quality manufacturing behind us, Huot stands as one of today’s most respected names in cutting tool storage systems. Our innovative products and thoughtful approach to service have made us a preferred partner in the industry for generations.

jp creations

JP Creations

JP Creations based in Meadville, Pennsylvania, built and designed in the Tool City of America, is creating an Indicator Holder Surface Gauge Transfer Stand. Started as a small hobby on the side that grew into a home business. JP Creations decided to make this product because he lives in Tool City and is excited to work for himself and owning his own business. Just getting started, JP Creations is trying to create relationships with customers that will last a lifetime, just like the product. Built to last for many years of use, the transfer stand is built of black oxide for rust resistance and quality aluminum.

Kant Twist

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. is proud to be a United States-based manufacturer of magnetic assemblies, located in Boyne City, MI. IMI is an industry leader in providing both permanent magnets and electromagnets for work holding, lifting, fixturing, conveying and magnetic separation. We design, engineer and manufacture magnetic assemblies and magnetic separation devices for our customers' specific requirements, including Kant-Twist products.

Kurt Mfg

Kurt Manufacturing

Based in Minnesota, Kurt Manufacturing has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing precision workholding products for over half a century. Kurt® Workholding’s revolutionary DX6® CrossOver® vise combines all the great features of their world-renowned Kurt D688 and 3600V vises, along with new state-of-the-art workholding features. 

Local Machine Shops

Shars is proud to support an array of local machine shops across the USA. Products such as our Aluminum Magnetic Indicator Back are made by independent manufacturers across the country. Shars doesn't just look to big shops across the USA to design, make and calibrate high quality tools, but relies on and supports small, local businesses as well.


Master Machine Manufacturing (MMM-USA)

George Roberts started Master Machine Manufacturing over 34 yrs ago. MMM is a family owned and operated company. Over the last 10 years MMM added 10,300 sq. ft. and nearly 18 new CNC Haas Machines and Debt free. Why debt free? Because, we believe we’re called to be out of debt and it allows us to be functional during the hard economic times. We are here for the long run!

Mighty Mag

The Mighty Mag® brings up solid, rugged construction, good for years of dependable, hard-working service. You can count on top performance from its sturdy zinc diecast housing and powerful, high-quality industrial magnet. The Mighty Mag® is compact but mighty strong with 45 pounds of holding power. The Mighty Mag® may just be one of the most versatile tools you’ll ever own. You’ll never stop discovering how many items in your tool box can be attached to your Mighty Mag®!



Mitee-Bite Products LLC began in an oversized 2-car garage with the original MB hex clamp created to save time on a reoccurring production job and grew to become the innovator of compact, low-profile edge clamps for CNC machining. Fast forward over 30 years later and we continue to develop new products providing customers with a wide assortment of high-density low profile clamping solutions and assistance with clamping recommendations. We have expanded to also provide top level CAD designs and complete turn-key projects. We place our focus on what matters most on your shop floor…making chips! Keeping the spindle running, cutter engagement, reducing idle spindle time, saving on material cost, reducing set-up times and standardization, all contribute to our belief “let the machines work harder while you lower your labor cost and increase capacity.”


Modern Abrasive

Modern Abrasive has been manufacturing specialty bonded abrasive products since 1959. Just located in Spring Grove, IL. During this period Modern Abrasive has become a leader in the industry in several product lines. High quality, broad selection, competitive pricing and the best delivery available anywhere are the primary attributes we provide to our customers. When you combine all of that with the fact that we actually say thank you each and every time you place an order, we think you would agree that Modern Abrasive is the absolute best source on the planet when it comes to mounted points, cones, plugs, sharpening stones, and dressing sticks.



All great products start with a problem and one problem involved a simple method to change from one material size to another when setting up a vise. Another problem solved by using a round shaped housing was preventing the build-up of metal chips while in-process. Operators no longer have to waste time taking apart their set-ups and clearing chip build-up, they are cleared through the action of blowing off the vise while loading each new piece.

PEC Tools

Products Engineering Corporation (PEC) tools was founded in 1960 and currently resides in Torrance, CA. When a customer has an important job to do, they can't afford inaccuracy, so PEC provides precise measuring tools to make sure their customers jobs get done right. They help our customers work smarter, faster, more efficiently while spending less, without sacrificing precision or quality. All PEC Tools are manufactured in the USA with regard to appearance, finishing and function.


Starrett Tools

The L.S. Starrett Company, founded in 1880, manufactures more than 5,000 variations of Precision Tools, Gages, Measuring Instruments and Saw Blades for industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide. The Starrett Company is headquartered in Athol, MA. The broad Starrett product line includes precision measuring tools (micrometers, calipers, rules, etc.), levels, electronic gages, dial indicators, gage blocks and granite surface plates, band saw blades and custom engineered products. Starrett tools are made to the highest standard of quality and workmanship.

Tap magic

Tap Magic

The Steco Corporation has been involved in designing and creating the world's greatest industrial cutting fluids since 1953. The Tap Magic line of products has become the most widely known name in cutting fluids, with greater precision, superior lubrication, and the best protection for your valuable tools. In 1953, we created the first in a line of incredible cutting fluids: Tap Magic. From this single fluid we developed a complete line of versatile, precise, lubricated cutting fluids that will meet the demands of any modern machinist or fabricator.


Operating in Flushing, MI USA, Ultra-Dex prides itself on delivering the highest quality and best value products and services to our customers. – Continuing to prove that American manufacturers can compete with imported products through experienced personnel, using the latest technology and machining processes. They started in 1988 with the goal to be the ultimate indexable metalworking source made in the USA. Ultra-Dex takes pride in American manufacturing by committing to the highest quality while remaining a competitive value in the supply of cutting tool systems for industry.


Vermont Gage

VPT was founded by Norman C. Leduc and Raymond R. Boutin. VPT’s introduction into the metalworking industry was through manufacturing knock-out pins, ejector pins, perforators, special punches and virtually any precision round and ground pins used by a variety of cutting tool blank users. Vermont Gage was formed in 1980. In 1989, the gage line expanded to include all classes of tolerances. Additionally, they have expanded the types of gages offered to our customers by adding taperlock gages, ring gages, and thread ring gages. In 2000, they opened their thread manufacturing division in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Franklin, Kentucky. VPT is 'ISO 9001:2015' and 'ISO 17025' certified.