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Mfg SKU #202-6063
BrandShars Tool
Magnetic Base CategoryBase & Indicator Sets
Base Length2.3
Base Width2
Base Height2.2
Magnetic Pull (lbs)135
Includes HolderYes
thread sizeM8 x 1.25
Base MaterialSteel
Arm StyleArticulated Arm
Clamping Diameter1/4" Dovetail, 3/8
Dial Indicator CategoryDrop Dial


    • Contact point with automatic reversal
    • Carbide Contact Mounted
    • White dial face with anti-glare finish, unique yellow band on the dial face allows machinist to tell the direction of movement; indicator dial always rotates clockwise (whether measuring over or under) to eliminate plus or minus confusion   
      • All pinions are mounted in an isolated assembly completely separate from outer body to maintain highest accuracies
      • Main body are made from high quality brass in satin chrome finish for long product life
      • Crucial parts are made of special non-magnetic material to have high resistance to magnetism and yield high sensitivity
      • Pivot point of the contact lever use miniature ball bearing construction to improve sensitivity and reliabilityDial Test Indicator.
      • 180 Swiveling and two directional functions
      • Dovetails top, front, and back mounting allows this indicator to be read in both horizontal and vertical position
  • Dial Indicator features:
    • AGD2 standards
    • Main movement gears are made from high quality brass with resistance to wear and rust
    • Spindle rack and contact points are made of hardened stainless steel, case is made from forged brass
    • Rotating Bezel with clamp
    • Easy to read aluminum dial face with anti-glare finish
    • Interchangeable point
    • Reverse Counter


  • Magnetic Base:
    • Magnetic base with 135 Lbs. of holding power with on/off switch
    • V-Grooved base for ease of mount on cylindrical Parts
    • Red finished arm with rigid locking capability
    • Indicator holder can rotate in 3 dimensional to assist quick and easy measuring 
    • Unique central locking mechanism can locked in any position instantly by tightening the center knob
    • Holds 3/8" stem, dovetail for dial test indicator and lug back for dial indicator
    • Spring-loaded fine adjustment on the indicator holder

What’s Included

  • 1 pcs of .030" .0005" dial test indicator (p/n 303-3203)
  • 1 pcs of 1" .001" dial indicator (p/n 303-3111S)
  • 1 pcs of Magnetic Base (p/n 202-6021)