Mitutoyo 24" Digital Height Gage

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Mitutoyo 24" Digital Height Gage

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SKU 570-314
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Height Gage Category Electronic Height Gage
Brand Mitutoyo
Maximum Measuring Range 24", 600mm
resolution 0.0005"/0.01mm
Accuracy ±0.002"/0.04mm
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Product Spotlight

  • Built in ABSOLUTE linear encoder eliminates the necessity of setting the reference point at every power-on.
  • Improved reliability because no over-speed error will occur.
  • Large, easy to read 0.0005"/0.01mm resolution LCD display.
  • ABS/INC counting modes allow the height gage to measure from the plate or feature-to-feature.
  • Rigid column structure ensures high measuring accuracy.
  • Large smooth slider feed wheel.
  • Carbide-tipped scriber is provided.
  • SPC data output.
  • 20,000 hour average battery life reduces downtime.