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Mitutoyo Measuring Tools


Mitutoyo is your single destination for innovative, high-precision small tool instruments. Our portfolio includes thousands of solutions, including the highest-resolution handheld micrometer commercially available. In addition, our solutions enable automatic data transfer to SPC software, making accurate measurement easier than ever.

Bore Gages

The inside micrometers and bore gages from Mitutoyo allow you to determine inside measurements with greater accuracy and less effort.

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Mitutoyo Digimatic calipers feature advanced design styling for easier, faster measurements that are highly accurate and repeatable.

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Caliper Gage

Highly versatile Mitutoyo caliper gages measure a wide range of distances with unparalleled precision in practically every industry

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Depth Gage

Mitutoyo offers a variety of highly accurate and dependable depth gage types to perform slot, step, hole and projection measurements.

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Dial Indicators

Mitutoyo manufactures precision Digimatic indicators for measuring linear distances for applications in almost every industry.

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Dial Test Indicator

Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicators provide enhanced durability, sensitivity, usability, functionality and readability.

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Digital Readout and Linear Scale

Mitutoyo offers a complete family of digital scales that are ideal for different applications in harsh environments.

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Height Gages

The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic Height Gage with Slider Feed Wheel provides highly accurate height measurements with durability, excellent functionality and cost performance.

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Mitutoyo micrometers are available in a variety of configurations and provide highly accurate measurements for every application.

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Telescoping Gage

The Mitutoyo telescoping gage set features hardened steel plungers triggered by a balanced spring for smooth, reliable inside hole and opening measurements.

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Thickness Gage

Mitutoyo thickness gages are highly trusted to measure thickness of products and parts in a wide range of industries

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Our wide variety of measuring equipment magnetic base and stands enables accurate comparison measurements and easy bench top use of precision hand tools

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