MVT300-40 4" Modular Vise Tombstone

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MVT300-40 4" Modular Vise Tombstone

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SKU 202-9104
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Tombstone Category Tombstones
Vise Category Tower Vise
Base Width 300mm
Base Length 300mm
Brand Shars Tool
Jaw Width 4
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Product Spotlight

  • A modular vise tower solution features 8 clamping stations as a standard vise tower and has the versatility to be easily converted to a tombstone holding varying styles of sub plates in either rectangular plain sub plate, rectangular sub plate with grid, or rectangular sub plate with T-slot configurations on any of the 4 sides
  • 3 mounting hole patterns on the base allow it to be mounted on either 400mm, 500mm, or 630mm size machine pallet with optional base plate to convert to appropriate pallet size
  • Tower body made from 80,000 PSI stress-relieved FCD600 series ductile cast iron
  • Ductile cast iron column improves overall strength, rigidity and accuracy
  • Bedways flame hardened to 45 HRC and jaw plate hardened to 54 HRC
  • Jaw plate thread size and spacing are industry standard enabling easy to find different jaw options on the market
  • Clamping repeatability on the vise jaw within +/-0.0002"
  • 4 inch model delivers up to 4400lbs of clamping force and 6 inch model delivers 6000lbs of clamping force
  • Unique leadscrew design allows the vise to clamp on similar size or different size parts on either station
  • Each face on the tombstone column features 4 locating holes with a steel threaded insert to accept mounting screws from the sub plates to maintain within 0.0005" locating repeatability
  • Optional sub plates are precision machined and when mounted onto the tombstone column can hold tight tolerances of the overall system in terms of flatness, parallelism and perpendicularity within 0.0008"/11.81" (0.02mm/300mm)
  • Side edge location holes are precision machined on the base
  • Optional sub plates and base plates are sold separately