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Noga Engineering


Over the last years the company has grown to become the world leader in the manufacturing of three main lines: Deburring Systems; Holding systems; Cutting Fluid applicators. we are committed to the tradition and principles that led us throughout the years: High quality products, innovation and a very warm and loyal relationship with our customers.

Deburring Tool Sets

For fast and easy removal of burrs from Straight edge, Curved edge, Holes, Cross holes and Deep holes.

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Heavy Duty Swivel blades

A comprehensive program to cover all your heavy duty deburring needs.

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Light duty Swivel blades

A comprehensive program to cover all your light duty deburring needs.

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To remove irregular surface defects and high spots on previously machined parts. Its remove very little material, but create a smooth surface.

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Ceramic Tools

Noga ceramic blades are the best solution for many applications on plastics and soft metals. Blades are safe with extremely long life.

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Magnetic base & Stand

Used in many industrial applications, as well also in private life it is often required to fasten certain objects in a particular position.

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Magnetic base Accessories

The articulated arm of Noga magnetic base reaches every possible position even upside down.

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Dial Indicator Attachment

A number of accessories are shown in this section. For dial & test indicators. Clamps for top attachment.

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Cleaning Tools

NogaGrip Handle designed for maximum comfort in your hand. For removing chips and clean the chip trays on your machines.

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