NOGA NG1200 Rotodrive Countersink Deburring Tool Set

SKU 515-0657

NOGA NG1200 Rotodrive Countersink Deburring Tool Set

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SKU 515-0657
Mfg SKU # NG1200
Deburring Category Deburring Tool Sets
Brand Noga
Blade Type RD10.4
Handle Style Can Holds all S Blades (3.2mm)
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Product Spotlight

The quickest and most accurate way to Chamfer is through Noga RotoDrive Countersink System.

  • Used for producing a small chamfer, but may also be gripped in a drill press to create deeper recesses.
  • Noga Countersink can also create a deeper recess into a hole, in order to prevent a flat-head screw from projecting over the surrounding surface.
  • High-speed steel (HSS) provides good wear resistance and can be used in general-purpose applications on both ferrous and nonferrous materials.


  • The quickest way to chamfer by hand.
  • 90 Degree countersinking angle.
  • Range: 1 - 10.4 mm.


      Noga Rotodrive

      Single flute countersink provides a smoother cut.

      Lightweight and easy to handle for repetitive work.

      Right-handed blade orientation with HSS blade type.

What's Included

  • 1pcs of NogaGrip 1 handle
  • 1pcs of Rotodrive RD10.4 Countersink (BC1041)


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