5/16"-D HSS Standard Keyway Broach with Shims

SKU 404-9609

5/16"-D HSS Standard Keyway Broach with Shims

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SKU 404-9609
Broach Category Standard Keyway W/Shims
broach style D
keyway width 5/16
broach back width 9/16
overall length 13-7/8
number of shims 2
  • Size Broach: 5/16" -D
  • Broach Dim: 9/16 x 13-7/8"
  • No. Of Shims: 2
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Product Spotlight

  • Hardened and ground bars with cutting teeth on one side
  • Sizes and proportioned to afford a good cutting range and ample rigidity
  • Typically used manually with an arbor press or hydraulic press to produce the keyways
  • Well suited for use in a variety or ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Broach is tapered, allowing teeth to cut keyways to proper depth
  • Made to cut either inch or millimeter size keyways