4.00mm 2 Flute Chimp Taper Die Mold Solid Carbide End Mill

SKU 422-1531

4.00mm 2 Flute Chimp Taper Die Mold Solid Carbide End Mill

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SKU 422-1531
Mfg SKU # 60003_DMC0400MMB2TS3
end mill category Ball End
Brand Gorilla Mill
Series Name Chimp
cutting diameter 4.00mm
Shank Diameter 6
flute length 4
Overall Length 76
Number of Flutes 2
Material micrograin carbide
finish coating GMS2
helix angle 30
Flute Length Type Standard
Single or Double End single
To be used on Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Exotic Material, Hardened Steel, High Temp Alloy, High Temp Nickel Base Alloy, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Titanium
center cutting Yes
end shape ball end
Taper Angle Per Side 3
Shank Type round shank
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  • Made in USAMade in USA

Product Spotlight

  • GMS² Coatings

    Recommended for aggressive machining applications in die, mold and tool steels, (H-13, P-20, A7, D2, etc.). Should be run at specific parameters. Produced with the highest Transverse Rupture Strength (TRS) nano-grain carbide substrate available.

  • Gorilla Mill 4 Flute in Action

    1.0" Diameter 0.750" Axial Engagement
    4140 PH 42.0" IPM
    Profiling 1910 RPM
    0.0250" Radial engagement  
  • GMS²

    Introducing a revolutionary, newly formulated, PVD coating process. GMS² marks a breakthrough in PVD deposition technology. The performance and hardness stem from the coating’s unique structure. GMS² is specifically designed to punish high temp alloys and is stock standard on the new Gorilla Mill Phenoms.

    Structure Nanohardness (GPa) Friction (fretting) Coefficient Thickness (um) Maximum Working Temp. Color
    Gradient 32 0.30 2-4 1100°C (2012°F) Bright Gray


The tool edge preparation process adds strength to the tool cutting edge, lengthens usable tool life, minimizes the propensity of the edge to chip, improves part quality and consistency, and enhances work piece surface finish.

With GMP Edge Prep, we have taken edge preparation to the next level, making it a science. Now the technology and equipment exists to overcome nearly all the current processing problems and to produce a tool that will yield optimum performance in any given operation or application.


Before GMP Edge Prep After GMP Edge Prep

Machining Method

Profiling Pocketing High Velocity


  • Quality Assureance

    Our primary responsibility is to ensure the accuracy and consistency of product being manufactured. We have an array of quality inspection equipment including three Eurotech PG1000’s with up to 145x magnification, a Leica M205 C computerized photo microscope with up to 500x magnification, a Zoller pomSkpGo for edge prep measurements at 100x magnification and two Zoller Genius3 machines which are CNC controlled programmable inspection machines with 50X magnification.

  • Regrinds

    The vast majority of your tooling that Gorilla Mill or anyone else manufactures can be re-sharpened and recoated to “like new” condition on one of our state-of-the-art CNC tool and cutter grinders at a fraction of a new tool’s cost. At Gorilla Mill, our goal is to show cost savings while maintaining a high accuracy rate. Whether it’s Gorilla Mills,® or other variable end mills, standard end mills, Gorilla Drills or any other high performance drills, Gorilla Mill has over 40 years of knowledge and experience to help your bottom line.