External V Partial Profile N60 Carbide Threading Insert

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External V Partial Profile N60 Carbide Threading Insert

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SKU 424-1382
Indexable Insert Category Threading Insert
ANSI Number 22ER N60
Insert Style 22ER
Insert Size N60
Inscribed Circle 1/2
Insert Thickness 7/32
Thru Hole 0.217
Insert Grade YBG201
Material Carbide
Coating PVD nc-TiAlN + Tin
Thread Pitch 5-7
Thread Style external
thread standard Partial Profile
cutting direction Neutral
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Product Spotlight

  • YBG201 Coating

    PVD Tin coated carbide grade with good toughness and wear resistance. Good for threading and drilling (both peripheral and central inserts) on low carbon of steels, stainless steel, heat resistance steel, and cast iron.

Reduce Work Flow

Before the threading operation, the part to be threaded does not need to take a finish machining pass on it because the WIPER edge design on the insert achieves desired vertex diameter on each thread's tip while maintaining good finish.

Eliminate Deburring

The wiper edge on the insert produces good surface finish on the tip of each threads.  After the thread is made, it eliminates the deburring procedure.

Chip Removal Control

Unique wave shape chip breaker design allows the chip flows to be raised up by the chip breaker during threading and guides the chip forming along the front of chip breaker and control the chip formation in smaller curvature radius. 

Finish Ground

Insert with finish ground teeth and rake surface can achieve thread operation with high precision and stable working condition




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