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More Information
Indexable Insert CategoryMilling Inserts
To be used onCast Iron
ANSI NumberONHU-08T624R-GM
Insert StyleONHU
Insert Size08T624
Inscribed Circle0.791
Insert Thickness0.248
Thru Hole0.209
corner radius3/32
Insert GradeYBD152
Chip BreakerGM
CoatingCVD Al2O3 TICN
Axial Depth of Cut ap0.197


Cast IronCast Iron


  • Octagonal double side insert with 16 cutting edges to maximize cost effectiveness
  • 0.197" Maximum depth of cut
  • 0.248" Extra thick insert body to withstand high impact cutting environment

  • H class tolerance combined with face mill to achieve 0.001" axial runout
  • Helical insert edge with large rake angle to improve chip evacuation and low cutting force resistance
  • Wiper land to improve surface finish especially in high feed

  • GM Chip Breaker

    GM Chip Breaker: Comprehensive upgrading of -GM geometry, good chip breaking performance, large rake angle, reduced cutting force

  • YBD152 Coating

    CVD coated grade, which is the combination of hard substrate and coating (medium thick Al2O3 + thick TiCN), has good flaking resistance. It is suitable for turning of cast iron at high speed, and light intermittent cutting can be supported even at moderate speed. It is also suitable for milling of cast iron.

Case Study

Material:  Gray Cast Iron (HB250)
Workpiece: Cylinder
Operation: Milling 4 Sides
Cooling Type: External
Cutter Type: 5" 45 Deg Face Mill (sku 404-2631)
Insert Code: ONHU08T624R-GM YBG152
Cutting Speed sqf/min: 500
Feed per Tooth fz in: 0.01
Depth of Cut ap in: 0.12
Working Engagement ae in: 6