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Indexable Inserts - Hardened Steel - 0.453

Indexable Inserts - Hardened Steel - 0.453

Shars Tool stocks a comprehensive collection of indexable inserts for almost any application. With a variety of inserts and insert configurations specifically designed for aluminum, alloy steels, stainless steel, cast iron and other materials, Shars offers a solution for almost any application or machining process. Whether you're roughing, grooving, finishing, or other machining processes you're sure to find your solution in the wide selection we provide. Click below and get your inserts shipped today!

Insert Code Identification

Coating Grade

Insert Shape


  • Stronger cutting edge
  • Higher cutting forces
  • More vibration
  • Higher feedrates
  • More depth of cut


  • Better accessibility and versatility
  • Lower cutting forces
  • Lower power requirement
  • Lower vibrations
  • Small depth of cut


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