BT30 16mm Modular 90 degree Indexable End Mill APKT Insert

SKU 404-6800-202-6926

BT30 16mm Modular 90 degree Indexable End Mill APKT Insert

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SKU 404-6800-202-6926
Mfg SKU # 404-6800-202-6926
Indexable Milling Category Modular Milling Head
Brand Shars Tool
cutting diameter 16.00mm
Axial Depth of Cut ap 0.433
shank size BT30
Cutting Head Connection Thread Pitch M M8 x 1.25
Pilot Diameter 8.5mm
projection length 1
cutting direction Right Hand
Insert Style APET, APKT, APMT
Insert Size 11T308
Number of Flutes 2
Cutting Angle 90
Coolant Through Yes
Full Details
  • Alloy SteelAlloy Steel
  • Non Ferrous MetalNon Ferrous Metal
  • Stainless SteelStainless Steel

Product Spotlight

  • Modular milling cutter head is able to cover variety of milling operation in die and mold manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, energy and wind power, and aerospace industry
  • Reduce inventory by only replacing cutter heads and not shank, other style of cutter body with different insert is also available
  • Feature precision ground surface on the locating shoulder and pilot outside diameter to ensure rigid contact with the threaded tool holder

  • Indexable cutter head threads into the tool holder by means of a right hand thread, any cutting force would only increase the bond between tool holder and cutter head
  • Reduces vibration on long overhang applications
  • Chip thinning effect allows for increased table feeds
  • High Positive cutting geometry 
  • Fitted with 10 degree positive rectangular inserts allow high depth of cut and feed per tooth
  • Use APKT / APHT / APET / APMT 11T308 insert (sold separately)
  • Setting Angle: 90 degree
  • Radial rake angle: -10 degree
  • Axial rake angle: 7 degree



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Square Shoulder Milling

Slot Milling



Ramp Milling, Helical Interpolation Milling

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