Mitsubishi 3/4" Modular 90 degree Indexable End Mill Milling Head AOMT Insert

SKU APX3000UR123AM10A30

Mitsubishi 3/4" Modular 90 degree Indexable End Mill Milling Head AOMT Insert

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SKU APX3000UR123AM10A30
Mfg SKU # 10533079
Indexable Milling Category Modular Milling Head
Brand Mitsubishi
cutting diameter 3/4
Axial Depth of Cut ap 0.394
Cutting Head Connection Thread Pitch M M10
Pilot Diameter 0.413"
overall length 1.929
projection length 1.18
cutting direction right hand
Insert Style AOGT, AOMT
Insert Size 123602, 123608, 123620
Number of Flutes 3
Cutting Angle 90
Coolant Thru yes
Helical No
Full Details

Product Spotlight

Multi-functional shoulder milling system

• Large depth of cut

• A versatile programme for slotting, side milling and ramping

• New Miracle Sigma grades availlable

  • APX3000 Series End and Face Mills

    Multifunctional End and Face Mills producing chips utilizing a variety of milling techniques.

    Milling wide range of diameters start at .500".

  • High Rigidity Cutter Bodies

    Rigidity has been increased by using a larger amount of backing metal behind the insert. Resisitance to corrosion and abrasion on the cutter bodies made possible by using a superior highly heat resistant alloy and a special surface treatment. The cutter bodies are designed with through coolant holes to improve cooling and chip disposal.

  • Screw-In Head

    Thoroughly clean the clamp section of the head and the arbor with an air blower or brush before installation.

    Tighten the head at the recommended torque and ensure that there is no gap between the head and arbor.

Screw Size

Recommended Torque(lbf-ft)

Wrench Size(mm)
M8 17.1 0.394"
M10 33.8 0.551"
M12 59.2 0.748"
M16 66.7 0.945"

What's Included

  • Insert NOT included


  • Alloy SteelAlloy Steel
  • Cast IronCast Iron
  • Heat Resistant SteelHeat Resistant Steel
  • Non Ferrous MetalNon Ferrous Metal
  • Stainless SteelStainless Steel