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APY150 Milling Machine Power Feed Y Traverse 150 Lbs

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BrandShars Tool
feed typeY Axis / Cross Feed
Peak Torque per Pound (inch)150
Continuous Torque per Pound (inch)119
Feed Rate Per Minute (Inch)0.4 - 37.4
Maximum RPM210
Horse Power1-3HP
Power110 V
mounting shaft diameter5/8


For mounting on manual mill that has a 5/8 shaft with keyway, mounting adapter (shown below) included

Mounting Adapter
  • Shars APY150 power feed uses a full wave Compound DC Motor which takes advantage of both Shunt-wound DC motor (high initial starting torque) and Series-wound DC motor (constant ratio between speed and torque) technology to generate stable feed rates resulting in minimized cutting vibrations, a smoother finish on the work piece, an even, low speed, and longer cutting tool life.  The other import brand power feeds use Series-wound DC motors for their simple design structure and low cost.

Shars APY150 power feed uses a Compound DC motor which is more stable while in high speed cutting environments and results in better cutting tool life and surface finish on work piece.
Other import brand's power feeds use series DC motors which lose torque as speed increases, generating excessive vibration and poor cutting tool life.

  • When the enameled copper wire of the compound stator (Series winding + Shunt winding) is in operation, the series + shunt stator has an instant complementary function of high initial torque and constant speed control.
 Shars power feeds use a compound stator of 0.6mm of 45 turns for Series winding and 0.13mm of 1,800 turns for Shunt winding.
 Other import brand's power feed use series stator (0.6mm of 150 turns for series winding) to get high starting torque but has no continuous torque. So, the torque and speed will drop rapidly while loading. It is easy to cause vibration and cutter damage

  • APY150 power feed's rotors use a heat-resistant enameled copper wire with dynamic balancing; special designed cooling fan; aluminum alloy bearing holder. The rotor is durable and not easy to overheat and deform

  • The main circuit board is well protected by a series of safety designs. The automatic correction function would be activated when input voltage is unstable. It is easy to maintain when the problem is caused by an external factor.
  • The rapid speed button is combined with the direction switch to be more intuitive for the user. The control panel also provides a jog switch to make incremental movements; length adjustable determined by speed control setting.  The control panel's fluid protective lip helps minimize coolant damage to all front control switches
  • The limit switch eliminates over travel due to the inertia of the motor when contacting limit stops or loss of power.The limit switch also has a protective cover
    to be dust-proof, water-proof and fluid-proof

  • The patented Electromagnetic clutch enables users to reverse direction quickly without the plastic gear being broken by the motor shaft gear, because the clutch is attracted and repelled within 0.4 second. At the same speed, the origin repeatability of the power feed is within 0.05mm

 Shars APY150 Power Feed ClutchOther import brand's power feed use a traditional clutch. The traditional clutch is known for high inertia and braking too slowly while changing directions which always results in plastic gear damage

  • The gear ratio between the transmission plastic gear and the motor shaft gear is an infinite decimal, so that the two gear will not return to their original teeth position turn after turn, improving gear service life
 Remarks: The plastic gear has 107 teeth, motor shaft gear has 6 teeth
With other import brands, the gear ratio between transmission plastic gear and motor shaft gear is a limited decimal. When fabricated this way, these two gears will return to origin after 21.4 turns which causes periodic wear and tear and shortens the transmission plastic gear’s service life.

Remarks: The plastic gear 107T, motor shaft gear 5T

  • Helical spiral bevel gear to transmit movement to lead screw, it provides the smoothest, quietest operation available

What’s Included

  • Mounting hardware

  • Power Feed
  • Instruction manual