DE1230 5/32" - 1-3/16" Drill Bits and End Mill Industrial Sharpener Grinder

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DE1230 5/32" - 1-3/16" Drill Bits and End Mill Industrial Sharpener Grinder

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SKU 101-1018
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Brand Shars Tool
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Motor: 1/3 HP, 1 Phase 110 Volt Drill capacity: 5/32" - 1-3/16"
Spindle Speed: 3500 RPM Drill Point Angle: 118 degree - 135 degree
Power: 450 Watts End Mill Capacity: 5/32" - 1-3/16"
Net Weight: 73 Lbs End Mill Flute: 2 Flute, 3 Flute, 4 Flute


  • A combo sharpener unit capable of grinding both twist drill bit and end mill
  • Easy to operate: plug in the cutting tool holder into the designated slot and let the grinder perform the pre-designed grinding operation

  • Fool proof design, portable, simple operating and high precision grinding
  • Easy to setup with standard ER20 collets which has a lower runout tolerance than 5C or R8 collet

  • Using the inch size veriner dial to set up the cutting tool in appropriate length for drill bit or diameter for end mill

  • Grinding range of 5/32~1-3/16" for drill bit and end mill
  • Capable of sharpening the front rake, front tip angle and clearance angle of drill bits
  • Drill tightened design with bearing device
  • Capable of find adjustment on center point

  • CBN wheel service lifetime on average of 8000 grinding operation


ER40 Collet 11 pcs Set Cutting Tool Holder CBN Wheel



  • Our grinder uses a special grinding motor, built-in custom bearings, and seals which provides it with a longer motor life and allows it to run more soundlessly than other ordinary grinders
  • Solenoid switch has been used which ensures in cases of a sudden power outage, power phase loss, or other emergency situations that the switch will lose power first and protect the safety of the motor in order to improve electrical safety
  • All Grinders’ handles use adjustable handles which have more flexibility
  • All Grinders’ main parts are manufactured to exact technical requirements.  Through multiple heat treatment processes,   the grinder's durability and accuracy is greatly improved.
  • Each Grinder has to pass German quality standards and large quantities are exported to European markets
  • Each Grinder has a manual and stamped factory certificate. The manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified. Also, there is a serial number on each box which can traced to the original information about each grinder

What's Included

  • 2 pcs of cutting tool holder: 1 for 2 flute & 4 flute end mill or drill bits; 1 pc for 3 flute end mill
  • ER40 collets: 1/2", 17/32", 9/16", 5/8", 21/32", 11/16", 3/4, 25/32", 13/16", 27/32", 7/8", 15/16", 31/32", 1", 1-1/32", 1-1/16", 1-3/32", 1-1/8", 1-5/32", 1-3/16"
  • 2 pcs of CBN Wheel
CBN Wheel Size Grit Size Application
108.5mm D x 20.5mm T x 20mm Arbor hole 200 grit HSS & Cobalt drill bit
104.3mm D x 12.3mm T x 19.05mm Arbor hole 150 grit 5/32" - 1-3/16" HSS & Cobalt End Mill