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Mfg SKU #101-1008
BrandShars Tool


Motor: 1/3 HP, 1 Phase 110 Volt, 3340 RPM, 3.58 APM Motor Tool post longitudinal travel: 5.5" Negative angle: 0-52 degree End mill cutter: up to1" diameter(at time of delivery)
Spindle Speed: 5000 RPM Micro-adjustment resolution: 0.0005" Swing stop: 0-180 degree Drill bit: up to 1" diameter
Cup wheel: 4" x 2" straight-up style with 1-1/4" bore 80K grit Taper Angle: 0-180 degree 5C Collet clamping capacity: 1/16"-1" Turning tool: up to 13/16" x 13/16"
Diamond wheel: 4" x 1-1/4 with 1-1/4" bore 320 grit Relief angle: 0-40 degree Included 5C collet size: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" Single edge milling cutter: up to 15/32" diameter (at time of delivery)


  • For grinding HSS and carbide engraving cutters as well as single lip or multiple lip cutters of various shapes such as radius cutters or cutters with a negative taper angle
  • The universal index head is provided at 24 indexing positions so that any particular angle of shape can be obtained, free 360° is allowed for grinding End Mills, Twist Drills, and Lathe Tools. Only exchange the attachment of the index head; no complex setup needed. 24 Indexing would be 15 degree per index but not able to index into 60 degree and 210 degree if 0 degree is used as the starting point. When it's reached upon this 2 position one would need to reset the starting position to bypass this restriction.

  • Both the spindle and the rail are micro-adjustable to 0.0005" with easy to read laser marked lines on the vernier

  • 24 point positions in 15 degree increments can be indexed at the tool holder's scale indexer when the release lever is pull into the right side position as shown in the photo below   

  • Smooth rotary movement on each joint to facilitate the grinding process on those necessary relief angles

  • Runout < 0.0005" on the main grinding spindle to ensure precise grinding

  • Multiple attachment accessories are included to enable sharpening end mills, drill bits, carbide tipped lathe tools, reamers, and punches
End mill & reamer sharpening attachment Twist Drill bit sharpening attachment Lathe tool sharpening attachment
  • LED work Light



  • Our grinder uses a special grinding motor, built-in custom bearings, and seals which provides it with a longer motor life and allows it to run more soundlessly than other ordinary grinders
  • Solenoid switch has been used which ensures in cases of a sudden power outage, power phase loss, or other emergency situations that the switch will lose power first and protect the safety of the motor in order to improve electrical safety
  • All Grinders’ handles use adjustable handles which have more flexibility
  • All Grinders’ main parts are manufactured to exact technical requirements.  Through multiple heat treatment processes,   the grinder's durability and accuracy is greatly improved.
  • Each Grinder has to pass German quality standards and large quantities are exported to European markets
  • The universal clamp assembly is the most important part to ensure the grinder’s precision. The runout of tapered bore is less than 0.0098 mm and each grinder's runout is inspected before being sent from the manufacturer
  • Each Grinder has a manual and stamped factory certificate. The manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified. Also, there is a serial number on each box which can traced to the original information about each grinder

What’s Included