18" Heavy Duty Vernier Caliper

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18" Heavy Duty Vernier Caliper

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SKU 303-1053
Caliper Category Vernier Caliper
Maximum Measuring Range 18", 450mm
Jaw Depth 3.94
graduation 0.001"/0.02mm
Material stainless steel
Max Nib Width 0.4
  • Range: 18"/450mm
  • Graduation: .001"/.02mm
  • Jaw Depth: 3.94"
  • Max. Nib Width Closed: .300"
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Product Spotlight

  • Made of hardened steel throughout, ground and lapped for accuracy
  • Long Jaws allows greater accessibility for measuring larger workpieces application
  • Microfine black graduation is laser-marked on a satin chrome finish for easy reading
  • Open face design allows both vernier scale (inch/metric) to be located on one side of the gage for both inside and outside measurements
  • A raised sliding surface prevents wear and defacement of microfine graduations
  • Easy read Vernier scales
  • Inside measuring nibs

What's Included

  • Battery
  • Plastic case
  • Fine Adjustment knob