Mitutoyo 12" IP67 Electronic Caliper Data Output

SKU 500-764-20

Mitutoyo 12" IP67 Electronic Caliper Data Output

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SKU 500-764-20
Mfg SKU # 500-764-20
Brand Mitutoyo
Caliper Category Electronic Calipers
Maximum Measuring Range 12", 300mm
resolution 0.0005"/0.01mm
Jaw Depth 2.52
Waterproof IP67
Data Interface Yes
U-Wave Fit Yes
Accuracy ±0.0015"/0.04mm
Material stainless steel
Jaw Material Stainless Steel
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Product Spotlight

  • Mitutoyo - IP67 Caliper


    This video covers replacing the battery in the Mitutoyo IP67 Caliper and setting the zero point.

    In addition to the quick demo, there are some great tips on using Mitutoyo’s Coolant Proof IP67 Caliper.

  • IP67 level of protection against coolants, dust, dirt, chips, and temporary water submersion.
  • Includes certification for IP complaince by an internationally recognized certification company.
  • Oil resistant materials are used in all plastic components to survive cutting fluids.
  • Incorporates Absolute measurement system with set and forget technology.
  • SPC data output function.
  • Custom chips are designed by Mitutoyo to increase battery life and functionality.
  • NIST traceable certification to insure accuracy.
  • Automatic power-on/off.

What's Included

  • Supplied in fitted plastic case
  • Battery life: 3 years under normal use