Starrett 6" Dial Caliper

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Starrett 6" Dial Caliper

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SKU 3202-6
Brand Starrett
Caliper Category Dial Calipers
Maximum Measuring Range 6"
Jaw Depth 1.5
Accuracy ±0.001
Range Per Revolution 0.100"
graduation 0.001
Face Color White
Material stainless steel
Jaw Material stainless steel
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Product Spotlight

  • Provides quick, accurate measurement of O.D., I.D. and depth
  • Sharp, clear dial graduations
  • Sharp, black graduations on satin finished bar
  • Lock screws for sliding jaw and dial bezel
  • Adjustable bezel
  • Thumb-operated fine adjustment roll
  • Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears and depth rod
  • Knife-edge contacts
  • Positive, spring-loaded double pinion anti-backlash control

What's Included

  • Plastic Fitted Case