Mitutoyo 0.25" Precision AGD Dial Indicator Lug Back .001"

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Mitutoyo 0.25" Precision AGD Dial Indicator Lug Back .001"

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SKU 1411A
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Dial Indicator Category Drop Dial
Brand Mitutoyo
Measuring Range Dial Indicator 0.25"
graduation 0.001
Dial Reading 0-50-0
AGD group 2
Face Diameter 1-5/8"
Stem Diameter 3/8
Back Type lug
Range Per Revolution 0.1"
Accuracy(1st 2.5 rev) ±0.001"
Accuracy(Overall) ±0.001"
Measuring Force 1.4N
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Product Spotlight

  • The indicator has a 0.375" diameter stem, a #4-48 UNF contact point thread mount, and is used to measure surface variations in fractional inches. 
  • Spindle rack, pinions and pivots of hardened stainless steel to insure long wear and perfect accuracy.
  • The dial indicator comes with a choice of flat or lug back for a variety of mounting options. 
  • Flat back dial indicators are either clamp-mounted on the stem or plate-mounted on the rear of the indicator.
  • Lug back dial indicators have a protrusion with a hole to mount the indicator using a lug or nut and bolt. 
  • This dial indicator meets ANSI standards, Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) B7503-1997, and American Gage Design (AGD) standards for face and thread size, and bezel and stem diameter.