.030" Dial Test Indicator .0005"

SKU 303-3203

.030" Dial Test Indicator .0005"

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SKU 303-3203
Mfg SKU # 303-3203
Dial Test Indicator Category Dial Type
Measuring Range - Test Indicator 0.030"
Brand Shars Tool
graduation 0.0005
Dial Reading 0-15-0
Contact Point Length 0.82"
Measuring Force 0.5N
Face Color White
Face Diameter 1-1/4"
Dial Test Indicator Style horizontal
Stem Diameter 3/8, 5/32
Accuracy 0.0005
Contact Point Ball Diameter 0.080"
Contact Point Thread Size M1.8x0.35
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Product Spotlight

  • All pinions are mounted in an isolated assembly completely separate from outer body to maintain highest accuracies

  • Main body are made from high quality brass in satin chrome finish for long product life

  • Crucial parts are made of special non-magnetic material to have high resistance to magnetism and yield high sensitivity


  • Pivot point of the contact lever use miniature ball bearing construction to improve sensitivity and reliability

  • 180 Swiveling and two directional functions
  • Dovetails top, front, and back mounting allows this indicator to be read in both horizontal and vertical position

  • Contact point with automatic reversal
  • Carbide Contact Mounted
  • White dial face with anti-glare finish, unique yellow band on the dial face allows machinist to tell the direction of movement; indicator dial always rotates clockwise (whether measuring over or under) to eliminate plus or minus confusion   

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