Mitutoyo .06" 20° Tilted Horizontal Dial Test Indicator w/Long Contact Point .0005"

SKU 513-446-10A

Mitutoyo .06" 20° Tilted Horizontal Dial Test Indicator w/Long Contact Point .0005"

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SKU 513-446-10A
Mfg SKU # 513-446-10A
Dial Test Indicator Category Dial Type
Measuring Range - Test Indicator 0.060"
Brand Mitutoyo
graduation 0.0005
Dial Reading 0-15-0
Contact Point Length 1.335"
Measuring Force 0.2N
Face Color White
Face Diameter 1.54"
Dial Test Indicator Style horizontal
Stem Diameter 3/8
Accuracy 0.0005
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Product Spotlight

  • Innovative Metrology Products

    Enhanced Durability, Sensitivity and Readability

    Comparison of dial position
    (Three models are available, each with a different orientation of the dial to allow the best visibility in any situation.)

    Horizontal (standard model) - dial is on top of the frame.

    Vertical: dial is on the end of the frame.

    Horizontal (20° tilted face): dial is on top of the frame but tilted 20°.

20° tilted dial face for easy reading


 The dial face obliquely faces upward, allowing users to read the graduations from the user's side. It is convenient when probing on the side of a large workpiece and the workbench is high.


Using the universal holder allows easy hole centering. The dial face always faces upward when the indicator is rotated, which makes reading easy.

  • Jeweled bearings
  • Anti-magnetic characteristics.
  • O-ring seal on the bezel has the effect of providing smooth rotation and prevents dust and oil from penetrating through to the dial face.
  • Drastically enhanced durability, sensitivity and visibility
  • Glare free, scratch resistant crystal
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case

What's Included

  • (1) Indicator with carbide contact points (.079" diameter)
  • (2) stems (3/8" and 0.157" diameter)
  • (1) Knurled clamp ring
  • (2) Carbide Contact points (0.039" diameter & 0.118" diameter)